Eighty-six thousand. That’s the number of meals consumed in the average life of an individual nowadays. That is a lot, as much as the moments we share with our friends and family sitting around the dining table. It is worth building an environment suitable for our needs and which is a reflection of ourselves. Genesi is born from the desire of recreating the atmosphere of a restaurant, by providing a professional service thanks to the high quality of the units. Imagine the moments you will spend around that table, enjoying the meals which have been prepared by you. The time you cooked for twenty of your friends and the tomato sauce even reached your nose; the  time they said they’ve never eaten tagliatelle like yours. The time you quarrelled about how to prepare carbonara and your American guests got frightened, because they didn’t know how important is for Italian people to enjoy a good meal.

Love and passion; Genesi mixes these ingredients to obtain the perfect recipe for the perfect kitchen. The one we build for ourselves day after day.

  • Aisi 304 s.steel body
  • One touch ignition
  • Electronic oven timer control
  • Brass burners
  • Gas or induction
  • Metal knobs and handles
  • Cast iron enamelled griddles
  • Push-pull storage drawer
  • Adjustable feet
  • Cold triple glazed door
  • 8 colours available for doors and drawer front