Induction cooking

Cooking without gas is faster, more controllable and easy with a STEEL induction Range Cooker.
It is also better for the environment with lower emissions than gas.
The Steel collection of Range Cookers fitted with an Induction Cooktop makes cooking like a professional a reality designed in four complimentary styles, Genesi, Ascot, Enfasi and Oxford you can match your new Range Cooker to your perfect Kitchen.

With our Flexinduction designs you can cook multiple dishes at once, giving you the flexibility to deliver the most demanding menu.

Induction takes less time to cook food because the pan heats up quicker. Electromagnetic activity in the cooktop triggers electromagnetic sactivity in the pan, and the pan itself heats up. The pan is the starting point of the heat. Since there are fewer steps involved in heating the cookware, it takes less time for the heat to get to the food (25% to 50% less time, on average).

Induction heating is better for the environment as it reduces wasted energy, it is more efficient than gas and radiant heating.

It is also safer in your kitchen as the surfaces remain cooler than conventional appliances and the absence of flames reduces the risks of your food causing a fire.

Easy clean surface that just requires a quick wipe over to remove splashes and you have the most versatile and environmentally acceptable Range on the market today.

Induction works by generating heat directly in your cooking pan resulting in greater energy efficiency, high levels of heat control and less wasted heat.

A complete range, different styles


Genesi is the first chapter of Steel story: a complete collection meant to ensure the highest efficiency, like your cooker was a restaurant one. Shaped in the highest quality stainless steel, Genesi has all the features of a professional cooker: strenght, safety, and comfort are its keywords. Genesi is the perfect combination of style and functionality


Ascot collection meet the taste of a modern-day interpretation of elegant living in shapes and colors. A style which smells like apple pie. A range which ensure professional performances and high technology into a more classic look, available in 8 colours and 4 different trims, traveling backwards in time


With its modern and linear details Enfasi is studied to be harmoniously matched into each furniture. Enfasi range cookers are made according to the standards of the kitchen manufacturers. The body height and its sizes match those of the furniture cabinets, which allows for a “slot-in” solution. Its dimensions allow for the plinth to run continuously along cabinets and range cooker in perfect harmony. Enfasi is the core of your kitchen, the power of a professional range cooker into a minimal and classy dress


Oxford collection is very romantic. Decoration and trims are clearly visible and soften the strong stainless steel body matt black painted. An extended color range to emphasize the space, giving an iconic retro style. Oxford is the perfect line to recreate a country-chic space or break up a minimal interior design

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